New Crafts !
We have brought in many new crafts including new jewellery lines, animal ceramics and Ian has been busy creating driftwood lamps and mirrors.
  • Flying with wavesBy Shirley Norman
  • Storm force III Sheepwash moonBy Shirley Norman
  • Pale moon rising SolvaBy Shirley Norman
  • Storm force IBy Shirley Norman
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Art Work by Shirley Norman

All the paintings take thier inspirations from local scenery and how it is affected by the weather, the time of day and changing light.

Pembokeshire is truly a place for all seasons : see it captured in the watercolours of the rough seas of a Marloes winter, the glittering calm of a Broad Haven summer, see it in the early morning and a late sunset.

Here is just a sample of our new and exciting range, stock is updated regularly so we are unable to keep an exact online gallery.

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